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Semiconductor materials - Periodic Structures - Crystal Lattices - Cubic lattices - Planes

and Directions - Diamond lattice - Bulk Crystal Growth - Starting Materials - Growth of

Single Crystal lngots - Wafers - Doping - Epitaxial Growth - Lattice Matching in Epitaxial

Growth - Vapor - Phase Epitaxy - Atoms and Electrons - Introduction to Physical Models

- Experimental Observations - Photoelectric Effect - Atomic spectra - Bohr model -

Quantum Mechanics - Probability and Uncertainty Principle - Schrodinger Wave

Equation - Potential Well Equation - Potential well Problem - Tunneling.



Energy bands in Solids, Energy Bands in Metals, Semiconductors, and Insulators -

Direct and Indirect Semiconductors - Variation of Energy Bands with Alloy Composition -


Charge Carriers in Semiconductors - Electrons and Holes - Electrons and Holes in

Quantum Wells - Carrier Concentrations - Fermi Level - Electron and Hole

Concentrations at Equilibrium - Temperature Dependence of Carrier Concentrations -

Compensation and Space Charge Neutrality - Drift of Carrier in Electric and Magnetic

Fields conductivity and Mobility - Drift and Resistance - Effects of Temperature and

Doping on Mobility - High field effects - Hall Effect - invariance of Fermi level at

equilibrium - Fabrication of p-n junctions, Metal semiconductor junctions.


GaAS MESFET - High Electron Mobility Transistor - Short channel Effects - Metal

Insulator Semiconductor FET - Basic Operation and Fabrication - Effects of Real

Surfaces - Threshold Voltage - MOS capacitance Measurements - current - Voltage

Characteristics of MOS Gate Oxides - MOS Field Effect Transistor - Output

characteristics - Transfer characteristics - Short channel MOSFET V-I characteristics -

Control of Threshold Voltage - Substrate Bias Effects - Sub threshold characteristics -

Equivalent Circuit for MOSFET - MOSFET Scaling and Hot Electron Effects - Drain -

Induced Barrier Lowering - short channel and Narrow Width Effect - Gate Induced Drain



Photodiodes - Current and Voltage in illuminated Junction - Solar Cells - Photo detectors

- Noise and Bandwidth of Photo detectors - Light Emitting Diodes - Light Emitting

Materials - Fiber Optic Communications Multilayer Heterojunctions for LEDs - Lasers -

Semiconductor lasers - Population Inversion at a Junction Emission Spectra for p-n

junction - Basic Semiconductor lasers - Materials for Semiconductor lasers.


Tunnel Diodes, IMPATT Diode, operation of TRAPATT and BARITT Diodes, Gunn

Diode - transferred - electron mechanism, formation and drift of space charge domains,

p-n-p-n Diode, Semiconductor Controlled Rectifier, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor.



1. Ben. G. Streetman & Sanjan Banerjee, Solid State Electronic Devices, 5th Edition,

PHI, 2003.


1. Donald A. Neaman, Semiconductor Physics and Devices, 3rd Edition, TMH, 2002.

2. Yannis Tsividis, Operation & Mode line of MOS Transistor, 2nd Edition, Oxford

University Press, 1999.

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Technology, PHI, 2004.

4. D.K. Bhattacharya & Rajinish Sharma, Solid State Electronic Devices, Oxford

University Press, 2007.


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