Monday, December 20, 2010

The Hug - An Art of Showing How Much You Love and Care

The Hug - An Art of Showing How Much You Love and Care

We have been brought into this world full of hugs from our loving family. Taken cared of while we were younger, they shielded us from harm and showed us how much they love and care by the simple gesture of a hug. Experts say that math is the universal language but I say that a hug is the global language for love, care, and affection. As we grow older, we have been sharing hugs with our friends, family, and other people we deeply care about.

In every relationship, a hug is an inevitable way to show how much you love your partner. There are several types of hugs but for this one, I'm going to share with you the types of hugs that creates the bond between relationship partners and married couples.

The first one is called the Standard Hug, otherwise known as the Bear Hug. This is commonly shared among friends and family but it can also be shared by loving couples. Short-lived and comforting, this type of hug seemingly says "take care" or "have fun" when one of you leaves for a business trip, for work, an appointment, etc.

The second one is called the Back-Hug. This is my favorite among all types of hugs and I can't  remember the last time someone hugged me like this, hahaha! Ok, moving on... How do you describe a back-hug? Well, the person stands behind you and puts his arms around you, that's all. I dunno, but I feel like this is the sweetest gesture one can make to comfort his loved one. It's playful, sweet, and seemingly says "I really love you with all my heart."

The last one is called the Super-Long-Oh-So-Passionate Hug. This is similar to the bear hug but it lasts longer and you cling to your loved one for several minutes, or even hours if you can handle it. I could just imagine myself doing this if I haven't seen someone for a long long time. Sometimes when you miss the person you love, this is one way to show how much you've missed him. Do not do this with a person you're not in a relationship with or else it will really feel awkward or worse, embarrassing.

So how about you? What's your favorite hug? Don't tell me you haven't hugged someone for awhile. Keeping the flame burning entails several hugs every week of everyday and believe me, nothing is much worse than a relationship not getting enough hugs. I, for one, can't remember the last time I was hugged. It's a sad fact and it's negatively affecting my relationship just about now while I'm writing this article. But anyway, I'm just glad that I could share this relationship advice with you.

I would like to thank "iseriously" for the information about "The 10 Basic Kinds of Hugs" which I used as a resource material for this article as well as for the back-hug photo I posted here. I have chosen it since it's really my favorite and I missed being hugged like this. I'm keeping my hopes up and wish me luck! =)

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