Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fundamentals of Computing And Programming 185102(GE2112) Important Questions For Anna University Of technology First Semester Exams

Unit 1:
Computer organization
evolution of computer
Basic operation of computer
Characteristics Of Computer
Types of computer

Unit 2:
Types of software with example
Software development steps
Internet Terminology
Evolution Of Internet

Unit 3:
Algorithm, Flowchart, Pseudo code
Multiplication of two matrix
To print even no from 2 to 100
To find given number is prime or not
Feature of word processor, spreadsheet

Unit 4:
Various looping structure
Decision statement
Structure of C
Unformatted i/o statements
Types Of Operator

Unit 5:
Parameter passing methods ( call by value and call by reference)
Short note on structure and unions
Notes on preprocessor
Developing a C program
program to print the no. in reverse order
print the even no. between 1 and 100


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