Sunday, September 5, 2010


Whilst it sounds like an exotic Japanese dish that consists of some amphibious fish – it isn’t. The Terrafugia is set to become the first roadworthy flying car available to consumers. Orders are already coming in and there is a backlog of over seventy orders that will ensure that the dream of the flying car is set to become a reality. The Terrafugia is more akin to an aircraft and it requires the driver to be a pilot in order to get the Terrafugia in the air. However, it is an aircraft that is legally allowed to be registered and driven on a road. The Terrafugia transforms from an aircraft into a car by folding its wings up so that the vehicle is car sized. It makes the Terrafugia easy to park in a standard car space and garage.
Terrafugia The transformation process takes approximately thirty seconds. While it may not any awards for being the most aesthetically pleasing vehicle – it’s essentially a flying car! The price is actually fairly reasonable for what is going to be the first flying car on the market (although it is out of reach for us normal wage earners). At around one hundred and ninety thousand dollars it is not cheap. It is a lot cheaper than I would have assumed it would be however.
It is not the fastest aircraft. If you consider what it is, that is not really an issue. It can travel at around two kilometres an hour while flying and can travel a distance of around eight hundred kilometres. It only has room for two people so it is not going to be a family oriented vehicle by any means. If you can afford it then it is probably going to be more about the thrill of owning it than having it for practical reasons.


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