Sunday, September 5, 2010

Social Networking Websites

You may have heard about Facebook, MySpace or Twitter on the television, internet or even from a friend; but what do these services have to offer that a conventional phone conversation cannot.  Sometimes phone conversations can feel a bit awkward as if there is nothing to talk about. They may require you halting all further actions to concentrate on what is being said at that specific time. With a social networking site you are able to create topics and conversation pieces with just a few mouse clicks. You can add pictures and video to get your message across. You can talk about subjects beforehand with more time to think about what it is you are trying to convey. Plus there is a multiplayer gaming community that can be used to link one person to another.
Social Networking Websites With a social networking site such as Facebook you can post a visual image of a certain event in your life that basically describes itself. There is a chat option and a global messaging ability that allows your thoughts to be seen in all of your friends’ eyes. With a conventional phone call you can only leave what you are trying to communicate about to the listener’s imagination. With a social networking site you can show off your family’s barbecue night or child’s baseball game with one picture and not have to go on and on with description. Combined with a phone conversation a social networking site offers so much more to staying connected with friends and family. Keeping in touch with everyone you know has never been simpler than consolidating it all into one service that announces your thoughts and life events with ease.
Sure, nothing beats person to person communication – but why not have a simpler way to keep in touch with friends? While the technology may not be new, it offers constant innovation in the way it allows people to keep in touch.

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