Sunday, September 5, 2010

Xbox 360 ‘S’

There have been multiple advances since the initial release of the first Xbox in 2005. Price has fluctuated drastically from one model to another.  It has also gone through its fair share of revamping. The Xbox 360 has definitely made a name for itself using the online multiplayer interface entitled ‘Xbox Live’ and hit game titles including the ‘Halo’ and ‘Gears of War’ franchises. Millions of people from around the world have come together and enjoyed online gaming via these features.
Xbox 360 'S' The new Xbox 360 ‘S’ is the latest in modifications coming from Microsoft’s console gaming department.  It is packaged in a sleek glossy finished shell.  It has 2 new touch sensitive power and disc tray control buttons.  It comes loaded with a large 250 gigabyte replaceable hard drive and built in Wi-Fi adapter. These two units alone cost the buyer roughly an extra 100 dollars on previous units. When you open the package the hook up is very simple; you just plug and play and you are in on the action. A free month of Xbox live is packaged with the unit and allows you to get a very large sample of what the service has to offer. With no external USB Internet adapters required you are browsing movies, music and games that are available for download with purchasable credits that you can obtain with the click of a button.
The new Xbox 360′s internal hardware has also been modified with a new chip set and motherboard.  Along with a new cooling system it allows the gaming experience to much more enjoyable with less console noise and more stability. It is a shame all of these enhancements had to come so late in the Xbox 360′s career, but the New Xbox 360 is definitely worth the money and will provide you and your family hours of fun and excitement.

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